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Hello πŸ‘‹, I'm a software engineer based in India.

I'm passionate about working on open source products & building thriving communities around them.

Experienced & result-driven IT Infrastructure Software Engineer, with strong experience in providing strategy, planning and implementation for various projects and companies. A sophisticated understanding of the analysis, design, and implementation of every aspect of the concerned project, be it the backend, frontend, mobile devices, testing and devops.

I'm available to discuss, understand & work on the next big thing with you.

You can read more about my work @

Thank You!


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Operational Patterns in Microservices

Jun 16, 2022Now we'll concentrate at our final set of patterns, which are operational patterns. These are noteworthy in that they are engaged with how you run your system rather than how you build it. However, they are proven and true approaches. The first is l...

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